“Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to do everything at once…

…Just start.”  -Jon Acuff

The idea of this blog has been rolling around in my head since mid-February.  I wrote my first post the last day of February, and since have written or started three more, none of them published.

I’ve had blogs before, and they’ve remained uncompleted, or used for a bit until forgotten or avoided voluntarily out of shame for not completing a publicly-stated goal.  My interest has been lost because I am not a web designer; I know little about the internet and html codes and making things beautiful on the web, but I prefer things to be beautiful and streamlined and easy to navigate. I have avoided posting because I find that my favorite posts of others’ include beautiful pictures taken by themselves, of which I do not have the talent and do not care to develop (insert witticism about pun in using the phrase “develop” in that sentence, but then realize that this pun may be lost on younger generations).

But then, yesterday, I read a current, successful blogger detail the steps to creating a successful blog, and her most important tip was to enjoy writing it.  For example, if you really only enjoyed posting pictures, why not have a blog of just pictures?  And, in reverse, if all you enjoy is the writing, well why wouldn’t you create a blog that is just writing?

…Plus, didn’t I just have a recent realization that I am tired of doing what I think others want of me?  Isn’t that lesson applicable over all aspects of my life, not just in quitting running?  (More on that later.)

Then, a co-worker posts this quote on her facebook page this morning.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to do everything at once.  Just start. -Jon Acuff

Perfectionism seems to paralyze me at times, which is funny because I don’t consider myself a perfectionist.  I do consider myself a person of extremes – black or white, yes or no, in or out…  Unfortunately, this mode of thinking often, just like it did beginning this blogging experience – paralyzes me from action.  I have a million ideas and a million goals; why wait to start on them?

And so, the blogging adventure beings.


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