Decisions – heart vs. head

There is a space between a decision made by your heart and one made by your head.  Sometimes this is a big space, and sometimes this is a small space.  When it is big, how do you make that decision?  How can you tell the difference between something logical and something desirable?  Can these be the same things?

More often than not, I find myself making personal life decisions with my heart.  But sometimes, I find that I overestimate its size, and I over-give, and over-offer, and the more I think about a decision, the less logical it is and the more I feel that, maybe I am not as good of a person as I thought I was.  Or maybe it was a logical decision in the first place – knowing that I should be a better person without actually being a better person…  As if by making a decision, I could force myself into becoming better than I was, or am.

And while this is a noble effort, there are days that I think that maybe this is just not for me; maybe I’m just a more selfish person than I wish; maybe my logic was too big for my heart, or maybe my heart out-thunk itself, thinking it was greater.

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