The Morning Hours

Most people would not categorize me as a night person.  I would not categorize me as a night person.  If anything, I am a morning person.  I like to get up and get moving and get things done.

But, sometimes, I like to get up early.  So early that, for some people, it might still be night.  The night owls have long since retired, and it’s still a little early for the earliest of the birds.  That time of morning that the sun won’t shine for at least another three hours.  It’s quiet.  It’s dark.  It’s solitary.  

Waking up this early introduces you to a world that most never experience.  A place where peace is prevalent – the lowest amount of crimes occur during these hours – and the world is still.  In this stillness and space, you might finally hear yourself think.  No one else is listening, so you begin to listen to yourself, and to the world around you, in a way that you never have before.  It’s magical, what you can learn in these hours.

These are the hours that you question the big things.  At this time you forget that your drivers license will expire tomorrow and you’re late on your mortgage and it doesn’t seem to matter that you were short on your quota for work.  The world opens up and you question the purpose of life, the existence of God, the possibility and the intricacies of the soul as separate from the body.  And you learn, if nothing else, what is true for you, in a way that you have never experienced before.

Some might think that this hour is lonely.  But I think the opposite is true.  When you experience these questions, when you open yourself up to this internal dialogue, and you begin to experience the interconnectedness of your body, your soul, the universe – I think this is the least lonely experience you can have.  When you finally feel like there is no difference between you and the earth, between you and the tree… When you realize that you ARE the tree and the tree is you…  Well that’s the most fulfilling, least lonely experience in existence.  

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