When there’s nothing to do…. Do nothing.

Very recently, I’ve had a situation come up in my life that is a sticking point. To me, the solution is a very simple one.  To the other party, there is no solution.

What can I do in this situation?  The solution to me is so clear, and simple, and wouldn’t take more than sixty seconds total.  Future similar situations can be avoided.  Life can be improved.

But that’s not the way it’s going.  Discussions have been had and I’ve made my points; I’ve projected my ideas for simple solutions.  They haven’t been accepted.  And, they will not be accepted.

So I need to amend my own solution:  I can either accept that the situation will not be resolved, or I can walk away.

When there’s nothing to do…  do nothing.

This is a really hard concept for me to internalize.  I want to improve.  I want to get better.  I want to be proactive and see the whole picture and I have the simple sixty second solution.

Only it’s not the simple sixty second solution, because when other people are involved, they have to accept it.  And when they don’t accept it, when you don’t come to a working agreement…  There is no solution.

When there’s nothing to do…  do nothing.

I have no choice but to accept that this problem will not be solved.  This is not my decision.  It is out of my control.  So I can either accept that the problem will not be solved, and continue working as a team, and modeling myself as an example…  Or I can accept that the problem will not be solved, and dismiss myself from the team.  It is not a solution for me to hold a grudge against the team, to stay in it but be miserable.  A grudge does nothing to improve upon our team efforts.

So I resign.  I give up the fight.  I am hurt and I feel ignored and rejected and uncared for.  But those are my issues.  Nothing good will come of projecting that upon others, or punishing them for my feelings.  And because I’m not ready to quit the team, I’ll swallow it and move forward.  But I am not happy.  I am not pleased.  I do not feel good.  But it doesn’t matter.  My feelings do not matter.  My actions matter.  My ability to push it aside matters.  My ability to rise above the tumultuous disaster that is my emotional bank account will serve me, if not in immediate gratification, in the long run.

There is nothing to do.  I will do nothing.

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