An Explanation, and An Apology

I have taken down my previous post, not because my opinion has changed, but because I didn’t anticipate the supreme negative feedback I would receive.

My blog was meant to be satirical and reflective of me and my own tendency towards bitchy thoughts.  I fully owned this in the beginning of the post; yet, this didn’t seem to be enough, as others still felt I was directly criticizing their choices.

Let me be clear:  there is nothing wrong with choosing to support your family or supplement your income via multi-level marketing.

My blog is inherently reflective of my opinions.  My opinion remains the same:  I find multi-level marketing to be annoying.  I equate it to the annoyance you receive when you get a call from a telemarketer.

I do not think telemarketers are inherently bad people, nor do I question their decision to work within their field.  I feel the same about those who participate in MLM.  Many of my closest friends sell various MLM products, and this in no way causes any rift in our friendship and I harbor no secret judgements about their decision to partake in them.

I have, however, never purchased anything through MLM, and, except perhaps in the event where the sales were going to charity or to help your child get to Disney World in which you otherwise couldn’t afford, I don’t anticipate ever buying anything through MLM.

It’s just not my bag, baby.

My post had intended to be a funny, bitchy string of thoughts that go through my head when people invite me to various parties, for the purpose of humor only.  I know many people found the post to be funny; even friends who participate in MLM.

But not all shared my intended humorous approach.  Following the blog post, I temporarily suspended my facebook account, as debates were accruing on my page in which I had no interest in promoting or participating in.  I didn’t anticipate people would search out my blog after I shut down my facebook to leave me nasty, anonymous comments, including the words “shame on you,” after berating me for being a yoga instructor who doesn’t 100% follow the laws of “ahimsa”.

Another avenue in which I should be clear:  I am not perfect.  No, I don’t always follow the Yoga Sutras to the t.  Yes, I sometimes have completely bitchy thoughts that are way far from the “yoga way.”  And yes, sometimes I happen to think these are funny, and inappropriate, and completely human.

I choose not to wait for perfection to go in my path, because I would never begin.  I choose to continue teaching yoga as the flawed, imperfect, bitchy, inappropriate, cursing yogi that I am, and I hope that maybe one day I’ll be the epitome of kindness and perfection and have no ill thoughts about anything.

I’m not there yet, and I don’t suspect I’ll ever be.  I am flawed and bitchy and growing and absolutely inappropriate, and I believe that’s what makes me beautiful, and accessible, and real.

I apologize to any of you in which I’ve offended.

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