Too Much of a Good Thing

Earlier this week, as I was teaching my ninth yoga class in two days, I thought to myself, Fuck.  If I never have to do another fucking downward facing dog or teach it to anyone that would be just fine with me.

My emotions were obviously a little volatile, and I may have been feeling a little overwhelmed.  But just a tad, really.

Obviously, my thoughts aren’t how I really feel.  I LOVE teaching yoga.  Yoga is my passion, my career.  Yoga saved my life, it saved my marriage, and it made a huge difference.  I want to spread this to EVERYone.

But maybe just not nine times in two days.

At that point, I had had zero days off for about two weeks, and I was at my wits end.  So I skipped my personal yoga practice this week and opted for meditation and restorative postures for just 5-10 minutes at a time.  I painted, a lot.  And when I finally got a day off yesterday, I thought about going to yoga class, but ultimately, I stayed home.  Ahhh, unstructured time.

Which brings me to my point:  it is possible to have too much of a good thing.  I love love love my career, but I have a limit to what I can stand.  I cannot live having zero days off, or teaching nine yoga classes in two days (okay, this is fine maybe occasionally, but not on the reg).  I need to balance it out with other things.

And, the universe provided this to me the moment it popped into my brain.

I was offered a personal training position within a corporate company I teach for, and accepted.  I had an opportunity to take on non-yoga classes for a gym I teach for, and I accepted.  I am rounding out my schedule.

I will never be as good of a personal trainer as I am a yoga teacher.  And I will never be as good of a cycling, abs, or HIIT instructor as I am a yoga teacher.  I will always study yoga; I will never spend my spare time reading about cycling or deadlifts. It’s just not my primary interest.

But these things will balance me out.  I am still good at these things, I can keep people safe, and it allows me to make some money while ultimately staying sane and not having a week full of 30+ yoga classes to teach.

And to balance out all of these pitta activities (oh also, pitta is my primary dosha – go figure), I paint.  I embrace my spacey vata and stop thinking and start being alone.  Painting is now my hobby, my sanity, my ability to just be myself and be quiet for a moment.

Which is so funny, because seven years ago, it was the opposite.  Painting was my focus; teaching classes and exercise were my sanity.

Either way, lesson learned:  there can always be too much of a good thing.  Don’t spoil your passion by burning yourself out, and give yourself permission to do things in which you excel, but that might not be your first love.  Round out your life.

Balance, balance, balance.

Yoga is just so smart sometimes.

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