Welcome to my new blog.

Welcome to my new blog site, Amy is a Human – Tales of a Recovering Perfectionist.

If you’ve followed my blog before, you’ll see a lot of the same content: yoga, running, introspective thoughts, humorous interpretations of mundane events. This is more like a change in title with a few more links to other work I do on the internet.

So why the change?

I wanted a blog title that reflected my inherent quirkiness. I wanted something that is both memorable and reflective of my main focus: our human element. As a human, I am a flawed individual. I experience human emotions, human situations, and human changes. I naturally relate this back to yoga and past events in my lives, and I try to draw it all back together in something that’s relatable, funny, and worth your time to read.

I envision this space as a place for you to connect with other humans, where we can gather as a collective of individuals bonding together over shared experience. I hope this blog brings you a sense of community and the knowledge that, above all else, you are not alone.

We are all humans, gathered in our flaws, our glory, our spirituality, and more. Welcome to your internet home!


When I start a new project, it is typical that I clear out my past and my history. I didn’t want to do that in this case, as I feel my former blogs are inherently reflective of my growth and still very useful. You can still access my former blogs in the “Archive” title above, but please know that all my new work will be found under the “Blog” heading, with subtitles and categories for related posts you may be interested in reading.

Thanks so much for being here and sharing my space, human!

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