Taco Weddings are the Best Weddings

This weekend we traveled to see my husband’s sister marry the man of her dreams. It was AWESOME. One of the best ceremonies and receptions I have ever been to in my life.

First of all, let me just say that Maggie and Justin are quite possibly two of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. When I first met Keith’s sister, Maggie, I knew I loved her. Hospitable but strong-willed; feminine but feminist. She has no qualms about having a second beer or telling you what she really thinks, but she has no lack of her feminine nurturing side, either. You should see her with children. It’s adorable.

And Justin… Well I have never met anyone who dislikes Justin. But not because he’s quiet and stays in the background. He’s witty and charming and chatty and GOOD.

Did I mention they’re both actors? Of course they’re charming and adorable.

Anyway, so the ceremony itself was so ridiculously reflective of them. They’re vows made me cry (okay so I cry at all weddings, but not like this – this was authentic and charming and positively precious ), and the Pixar love themed quotes and music was just to DIE for. But not in a childish way. In an adult mish-mash of everything they love into one cohesive ceremony kind of way.


Taco bar at your wedding? Cacti as party favors? You’ve won my vote. Throw a party every year and I’ll be there!

Keith was particularly swooning over a pro baseball hall-of-famer, who was in attendance at the wedding.

 Oh, and the baseball! Baseball cake toppers. Baseball decorated candy bars. Baseball in an original musical composition.

(How did my in-laws ever accept me into their family without being a die-hard baseball fan? I will never know.)


The best weddings are when they reflect the partners’ personalities and quirks. And to that end, Maggie and Justin – I salute you. You did it perfectly. Welcome to the family!

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