Kim Davis is a Bitch…

…But that doesn’t mean you should be, too.

I normally stay mum on political topics, because it’s so HEATED. But I think it’s important to address the heated nature of what we discuss, and how it doesn’t add anything to be angry.

Ahem. Let me start by acknowledging the vast media attention that Kim Davis has accrued since her decision to deny marriage licenses to same sex couples, despite national laws saying otherwise. No media outlet is without coverage, and virtually no Facebook friend is mum on the topic.

Everyone has an opinion, and everyone is angry.

Whether you agree with Kim Davis and think religious freedom is being forsaken in the name of federal law, or whether you think Kim Davis is a fool for not obliging by her office duties and failing to recognize same sex individuals, is irrelevant. Hate will get you nowhere.

You cannot fight hate with hate. Only love can do that.

I have friends who fight so adamantly in their defense of what is “right” or what is “wrong.” There is no discussion, only angry words and de-friending and relationships going up into flames.

Let me state it again: you cannot fight hate with hate. Only love can do that.

Our inability to see things from another person’s perspective is a detriment to our culture. Having never been taught conflict resolution, our politics looks like a kindergarten playground, everyone screaming to be heard and nothing being accomplished. Our politicians play off our insecurities, our fears, our sense of entitlement, and our need to be right. No middle ground can exist: you are one or the other.

So let me be the one who stands firmly in the middle ground. I acknowledge and wish for the same political freedoms for all, regardless of gender, sexual persuasion, race, religion, etc. Let me be the one to say yes, it seems silly that Kim Davis has not done her job; she should resign if she doesn’t like the duties entrusted to her. But let me also be the one to say Kim, I feel you. I feel your pain and your fear and your staunch opposition to what it feels like to be oppressed.

No, I do not agree with you or your choices, but, I still love you. You are still worthy.

To all the people who are adamantly fighting for whichever side and making themselves an angry and mean individual to do so, let me say: no, I do not agree with how you choose to state your opinion. Yes, I think it would be wise for you to do some soul searching to find out what’s really bothering you, and what fear you’re covering up with anger. But yes, I still love you, and you are still worthy.

Please, please, please, stop fighting injustice with injustice. Please stop fighting hate with hate.

And even if you don’t, I will love you anyway. Because I have no other choice.

(PS Title meant as click bait and in jest only. No, I clearly do not think Kim Davis is a bitch. She’s doing what she thinks is right, and I love her, just like I love you. All of you. Even you smelly guys.)


4 thoughts on “Kim Davis is a Bitch…

  1. That is an interesting view. I just wished that you listed some examples of how both sides were displaying hate. I personally think that she has to do her job otherwise she has to resign or face the consequences. She’s not the first government worker to be jailed for not doing her job correctly and she won’t be the last. If a county clerk started to issue gay marriage licenses when it was still illegal then I would still say that the clerk has to follow the law, quit, or face the consequences.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. It’s not the job for her if she decides to not follow through on her job duties. The politics of getting her to resign or laid off is much tricker than that simple solution, unfortunately.

      To be fair, not all are displaying hate! My post was in response to the individuals who were either saying, “Kim Davis is a bitch who refused to do her job – de-friend me if you disagree” and, on the contrary, “Kim Davis is our savior and same sex couples don’t deserve recognition in marriage – de-friend me if you disagree.” I see intolerance on both sides and refusal to discuss opinions with mutual respect and understanding.

      What happens with her position is less my concern, and love for her regardless of personal belief more my concern. We are all flawed, and we display it in different ways. And flaws don’t mean we aren’t deserving of love. 🙂 (Maybe not a job… Love yes, job no. Lol.)

      And we also need to display that to others – asking people to de-friend you if you disagree is preaching intolerance towards anyone with a different opinion. We need connection, not separation.

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Now that you give me more perspective on your view then I completely understand and agree with you. I believe that you are talking about Facebook. I tend to not debate on Facebook because it’s not a very good platform for debating. Most of the people there are regular people the majority being older people like mothers and fathers and grandparents. Very few of them are younger people who have done research or professionals who know how to debate.

        I recommend avoiding Facebook for arguments. You will only get people’s opinions and the “unfriend me if you don’t agree” comments.

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