I need a savasana.

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There are times that, quite honestly, I wish I wasn’t so ambitious. Most days I am glad for it. I have enough energy to sustain a high workload and the creativeness of…  something very creative. I have an idea book that is filling up with ideas for projects and collaborations and workshops and breaking the mold and…

Oh wait now I need to nap.

I have been working nonstop for well over 14 days. Okay, let’s be honest, I teach yoga so I’ve been teaching yoga like all the time but there’s lots of breaks in between. But, in-between, instead of relaxing, and building myself up, I’m doing one of the following things: homework for the two college courses I enrolled in in January, watching and taking copious notes on an online marketing class I registered for, networking and meeting people new and old, contacting people for support for my new project, launching my new project, and teaching workshops and preparing for others. Oh, and selling some of my artwork and preparing for my next show.

It’s hard when you’re a passionate, driven person. I talked to my brother the other day and I was astounded at how similar we are. Hard workers, creatives, who will, and do, work nonstop to make an idea come to life. Scot is excellent at what he does. His hard work shows, and though he doesn’t get a lot of recognition at this point, I have no doubt that his ambition and drive will take him the distance.

When we chatted on Saturday, he was discussing how he needs a break. How it’s been three weeks and his entire life is consumed with music. Albums and shows and commercial work and collaborations. He goes to sleep dreaming about music, and he wakes up to work.

This is me lately, too. I never wanted this. I wanted a simple life. I wanted a regular job with a steady paycheck and just a normal life.

And then when I had it it was just…  Lackluster. I have too much energy and too much to give to waste away in a job that is the same thing, day in and day out. I need to create and I need to be inspired. And it needs to help other people.

So lately that’s what I’ve been doing, with my project. And I’ve been spreading the word and the response is fantastic. I think I’ve caught on to something that, not only do I feel passionate about, but that is truly needed.

But it is bringing me back to my yoga practice. To calm, and nurture myself. I tried to be still and accept what was out there, but that’s not in my abilities. When I sit with the truth of who I am, it is not someone who accepts the status quo. It’s to challenge it.

I’ve taken on a big task and it’s only going to grow. So, today, I laid outside. I didn’t even practice asana. I just laid down. And only for twenty minutes because let’s be real, I’ve got shit to do and things to create. And maybe tomorrow I’ll pick up where I left off but for the rest of today I might need to take it a little easy, so still work and create but maybe also do the laundry.

Balance, babes. Balance.


4 thoughts on “I need a savasana.

  1. sounds like you made a great choice in just lying down outside, no asana required!

    1. Sometimes it’s the best medicine 😘

  2. I feel you. My schedule is jam-packed, but I’ve realized I like it that way. Sometimes I need to give myself a break. I try to remind myself that how I fill my time is my choice. It’s my choice to be busy and I can choose to love the things I’m doing or get stressed. Remembering that it’s all a choice is empowering.

    Namaste, fellow creative workaholic yogi friend.

    1. Hah exactly! I get super bored if I’m not busy… In my brain I’m like, “This is very un-yoga of you, Amy,” but it’s just how I’m wired! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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