Zoom IN to Find Purpose

On Monday, I wrote a blog about how, in order to find balance in your life, you must zoom out – balance is found over the course of our lives, not in an individual moment. (P.S. I’m writing here weekly and giving you all kinds of fun to-do lists for personal growth and sharing a bit of my personal life… Make sure you “follow” my blog to make sure you get your dose each week!)

Because if you meditate on rocks, you must be legit…

In balance, this is so true. As I state in the blog, there are some weeks, months, or even years where you might not do much else but lay around, eat ice cream, and watch soap operas, while at other times you might be on top of your yoga game, attending classes regularly and downing green smoothies on the reg. It’s important not to shame yourself, then, for having a moment, a week, or a year of this – because it all comes back around.

In finding your purpose, or your direction, however, I’ve found the opposite is helpful. You must zoom IN to figure out what to do next….

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