Dogs and Divinity.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 1.02.59 PMWell my internet friends, WE GOT A DOG.

This was not intentional. We went to a shelter on purpose, of course, but not with the aim of getting a dog. We went with the aim of playing with dogs, to get our dog fix… We’ve been feeling sad since we lost Tanner a little over a month ago, and we thought some dog playing would cheer us up. 

Well it cheered us up so much, we brought one home.

Okay, the story goes a little more like this: on Friday, I got a random text message from Keith asking me if I wanted to go look at dogs at a local shelter that evening. So that evening we went, we played with a dog that Kai really loved, but ultimately we left. He was a sweet dog, but Keith and I knew that we didn’t know – and if we didn’t know than he couldn’t quite possibly be our dog.

So I was pretty much done. It had only been barely over a month since we lost our Tanner, who was my doggy soulmate, and I wasn’t ready to commit to another pup so soon. But on Saturday, after an afternoon of visiting Body Worlds and roaming the city, Keith decided we should go take a peek at another shelter that we had never been to before. So off we went.

We walked through several dogs, and none of them really seemed right. Sweet, yes – wanted to play with, yes – but with Tanner we knew instantaneously (or I should say I knew instantaneously) that he was our dog, and because there was no instant connection I decided we were just going to have fun with it. We saw a dog that I thought he was kind of cute, and he whimpered after I walked past his cage. How adorable. I looked again – he was only 4 months old.

A puppy was like the opposite of what I wanted, if I wanted a dog at all (which I didn’t).

But because there were no other dogs that had our interest, we figured we would ask to play with him, just for fun.

Because he was so young and hadn’t had all his vaccinations yet, we had to wait ten minutes for a room to be sanitized before we could play, and so when we finally got in there it was… awesome.

He didn’t bark at all. He did little puppy nibbling but that was it; he hardly made a peep. He was playful and the love wasn’t instantaneous, but he was pretty darn adorable. When they asked us if we wanted to put an early hold on him, because he still needed to be neutered and vaccinated, I was ready to wait and let fate decide – if we still wanted him in a week, we would come back and if it was meant to be, he would still be here. Keith wanted to put the hold on him. 🙂

So we did. And now we’re the owners of this super adorable, very energetic, incredibly well behaved puppy named Mookie. Mookie’s birthday is February 3rd, which means he would have been conceived right around the time we found out Tanner had cancer. Maybe Tanner sent him to us.

Other weird things that happened that showed all signs point to Mookie: we found out the evening we played with him that no one was supposed to be able to interact with him, because he was so young and susceptible to disease. And two days after we brought him home, my husband got a random letter in the mail from a friend in his fantasy baseball leagues with a Mookie Betts card – which is how Mookie got his name.

I’m often stunned at how synchronistic this life is. Sure, perhaps we’re making it all up in our heads to make us feel better – maybe I made up that Tanner was my soulmate – but when things line up so simply, it’s hard for me to see it any other way.

The last niyama in the yogic eight limb path is isvara pranidhana – or surrender to the divine. I had a lot of resistance going into adopting Mookie, but we’re almost one full week in, and he’s nearly potty trained already, today he felt comfortable in his crate, and he is definitely full of love and snuggles for us. Adopting Mookie was, for me, a practice of isvara pranidhana – I think the divine was sending us signals that Mookie was made for us, and although hesitant, I accepted the challenge.

How can you incorporate isvara pranidhana into your life? First, you must get quiet. You can’t hear the divine or see its actions unless you still your thoughts and release expectations. Sometimes you have to move first in order to do this and expend the extra energy – think of how puppies need to run before they get quiet and snuggle. You may need to practice asana or practice hard physical labor. Then, check in. As your body and mind still, notice what pulls you feel, and in which directions. If you have a question lingering in your mind, notice your intuitive reaction – not your gut reaction that’s based out of fear, but the reaction that your heart feels is right.

When I’m not feeling particularly inspired, I practice this though writing – and this is a fun exercise.

Grab a journal, write down a question of what you’re struggling with, clear your mind and ask the divine for an answer, and then write. It feels silly at first and like you’re making it up. But keep going. Don’t take breaks – act like its a stream of consciousness exercise, and eventually you’ll find your answer.

good luck connecting to the divine on this full moon, summer solstice, day after father’s day goodness 🙂 Happy Monday!


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