What a Month of Meditation Taught Me


If you read last month’s newsletter, you know that I embarked upon August dedicated to my meditation practice – and some of you even joined me in an email exchange with insights, concentration practices, and inspiration from Canada to Kansas City (and from Charleston, where I vacationed for a week – the photo above shows how breathtaking it is!).  

I went into the month knowing that meditation held some key for me to unlock, and boy did I discover a lot about myself this month. Many people think of meditation as sitting down and emptying the mind of thoughts – and while this is sometimes the case, often times you have specific concentration practices where you repeat a word or phrase, or practices that encourage a deeper exploration of the self, including thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and more.

In fact, what most people refer to as “meditation” is actually a practice of “concentration” – the concentration is the practice, and the meditation is something you “fall into” as a result of the concentration….

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