Inner Stillness Through Creativity

It’s fall, whn the leaves get dry and crunchy, the wind picks up, things dry out and die out, and schedules run rampant. Fall is also a great time of ideas and creativity. But if you let your schedule be too full, then you don’t allow space for those new ideas and inspiration to hit you.

My early morning meditation spot – yes, those are Royals ALCS coasters. 

Last week I told you all about my fall nostalgia and how I took the weekend off of social media to let the ideas and creativity creep their way back into my mind. If you follow me on instagram, you  may remember me discussing how in August, my focus was meditation (some of you joined me on my journey via email – ps if you want future invitations, be sure to sign up for my newsletter), and September has been a continuation of the dedicated meditation practice I began in August.

I did change one thing, though; in August, I took some time after each meditation to journal my reflections, and this month, I’m exploring creative writing instead.

Creativity needs to be born of stillness. I believe the best creations come not from our logical minds, but rather create its way through us – our own expressions of intuition and our channeling of Spirit onto canvas, or into words, or into that furniture design, or whatever your preferred method of creation may be. I do paint, but recently I’ve been drawn more to writing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and although I do write daily – and weekly, here – typically it’s just the explanations of my thoughts.

I wanted something different.

So I’m taking advantage of that stillness in meditation to allow creativity to flow through me. I write fiction – usually only 10-15 sentences, the world’s shortest stories. But it’s fun, and I enjoy it, and even if I never am a “writer” or a published author, the important thing is it’s a means of expression and a way for me to connect.

So now, tell me:

  • where do you find creative inspiration?
  • how can you find the time to get quiet this fall, and to tap into your creative power?
  • how will you dedicate yourself to your art form, knowing that creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised?

In creativity, I have found the most pleasure, the greatest sense of flow, and the greatest inner stillness. I hope you do, too – and please tell me about it!

Just for fun, here’s my story after twenty minutes of meditation this morning:

The early morning dew sat heavily upon each blade of grass, making the strain to stay upright a fight against ever-oppressing gravity. The grass felt cold beneath my toes, and as I stood I imagined the sweet relief of the blades underneath me, relieved from their duty to stand tall by a force collapsing them to the earth. Was that the same thing he felt? Sweet relief? The moon – just a sliver – hardly lit the sky, and the sprinkling of stars nearly invisible with the street lights, and here I stood, like a wild woman, barefoot and naked at the knees and shivering, but holding my ground. I’m not sure what I was looking for out there – God, answers, a reason for these past months’ events – but if nothing else it got me alone, which is more than I could say about being indoors. Inside I felt suffocated. Inside I felt weighed down, like these blades of grass, thick with expectations, by the heaviness of words unspoken. Out here I got to switch roles. The air was cool but it made me feel alive, the hairs prickling against my sweater. Here I could give relief to these silly blades of grass, who probably have way less feeling than I ascribe to them. And even so, I began stomping, smushing down as much of it as I could, helping in the only way I knew how.

Happy last days of September. ❤


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