The Season of Creativity

It’s fall, and in Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga), it’s the season of Vata. Vata is wind – and along with wind comes dryness, chapped lips, flaky skin, digestive issues, and crunchy leaves, trees going dormant, and colder weather. In our minds, vata shows itself as creative, spiritual, and insightful, and when unbalanced this can mean flakiness, anxiety, and over-commitment.

Sedona and I, combining our creative badass yoga and art knowledge to share with YOU this fall. (Find Sedona:

Fall is also a great time to start new habits. We typically reserve resolutions for New Years or right before bikini season hits, but fall is actually a great time to begin a new routine. The season is changing, and the hours of daylight are diminishing. With fall brings many opportunities for social engagements (school starting, football season, bonfires, upcoming holidays), but it’s also easy to let your calendar fill up quickly and have little time to unwind. (Enter anxiety – luckily for you, I have a Reduce Your Anxiety workshop at the end of October. Click “read full newsletter” to get info.)

What is it that you want to manifest in your life? A healthier diet? An exercise routine? A dedication to your yoga practice? By starting now, you can carry this routine with you through the overwhelming holiday season and into the long, slow months of the new year, keeping you more balanced through the ups and downs of winter. Routine helps us to stay grounded, which can be difficult in the changing of the seasons, and particularly in the season of the Vata.

Fall is also a great time to recharge your creativity. Vatas are naturally creative, and ideas might come into your head more easily during this time. It’s a great time to dedicate a journal to being your “idea book,” ….


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