Fiction Fridays – The Spider

Alone sat a spider, gazing out beyond the intricate togetherness of his web. He has been taught that his web will help him to trap and secure his food – and it does – but this morning, like many other mornings, he stops to ponder if there might be another way. It seems deceitful, he thinks, to trap other unsuspecting insects and catch them up in his web of invisibility. But yet, he needs to eat, and has no other way to secure his food. Looking out into the world beyond the we, he questions the ways of the spider and searches for change. Then he turns around, goes back to his web, and prepares for breakfast.

About Fiction Fridays: In September of 2016, I challenged myself to complete several super short stories of 10-15 sentences each, following my morning meditation. I’ve continued writing small bursts of fiction to stimulate my imagination. Some of these stories are from that period; some are from now. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them. 


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