Fiction Fridays –

She awoke with pain in her back. Again. Despite repeated attempts to console it – through yoga, new mattresses, chiropractors, and massage – it was still there. Pulsing and making every part of her body seethe with both pain, and then – anger. She thrashed angrily among her sheets, rejecting her new puppy’s attempts for morning kisses and play. There was no time for frivolous action when this pain stayed leeching onto her, like that ex-boyfriend who kept coming around long after she’d ended it. She turned to the side, surprised to find a stranger next to her – and then it came back. The memories. Her back seared in pain and with rage. He would pay for this.

About Fiction Fridays: In September of 2016, I challenged myself to complete several super short stories of 10-15 sentences each, following my morning meditation. I’ve continued writing small bursts of fiction to stimulate my imagination. Some of these stories are from that period; some are from now. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them. 


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