Journey to Portland – Phase 1

I thought a week out of it, I’d have more to say.

And the truth is, I have a lot to say, I just… don’t know where to begin.

Rasa Yoga Roommates November 2016 ❤️💫💕

I suppose I’ll start where it makes sense – at the beginning – but nothing beyond arriving and leaving at the ashram have any logistical time frame in my head, so beyond those two points I can’t tell you what happened first, because it’s all muddled together.

On November 10th I flew out to Portland to begin my second phase of training with Sianna Sherman. (For those of you yogis in the mix – its my 300 hour training after I go back twice more in April and October.) I knew, going out there, that it would be a little difficult for me. I’m fairly introverted and the life of a yoga teacher suits me very well. I get to work an hour here and there and then come home, snuggle my dog, and decompress between.

Well, in Portland, there would be no decompressing.

I had three roommates sharing one room and one bathroom, and the schedule was pretty much non-stop from 6:30 am until 9 pm almost daily (sometimes 10, sometimes 11… sometimes we’d get lucky and be done at 7 pm). We were doing some pretty deep emotional soul searching, and there was no place for me to run and hide and have my feelings. So I was forced to having my feelings in front of others.

One day we were asked to share how we were feeling in small groups, and I ended up crying and passed my turn. How’s that for embarrassing.

Anyway, beyond the discomfort of just people all of the time, it was a truly incredible experience. I didn’t know much of what to expect, and there’s many reasons for that, but the biggest one is: I didn’t really know Sianna beyond two months before I signed up for her training.

I’ve told this story many times before, but never in my blog, so here goes: I had been searching for a 300 hour training and was considering two different teachers, with two very different styles. I was feeling more drawn to the one held in LA (with Ashley Turner), but it was fairly expensive and the schedule didn’t quite align with mine. I was also almost set on attending one in Boulder (with Gina Caputo who is hilarious and intelligent), but the idea of driving to Boulder every other weekend from January to May had me grumpy before I was even committed to it.

So I decided I would search for other teachers, and I resorted to google, because – 21st century. I came upon an old People article from 2008 about the upcoming yoga teachers and was perusing them and clicking on people I found interesting – half of their links no longer worked, and for the ones that did, I wasn’t very interested when I got to their website.

Except for Sianna. I had been drawn to Sianna’s page in the first place because of her storytelling. And when I got to her website, I saw she ran the Urban Priestess program with Ashley Turner, which I thought was super weird because I seen the UP promotional video, but I was focused on Ashley, so I didn’t give her a second thought.

I watched one of her classes at Wanderlust on youtube and I was impressed. Like – really impressed. Like, kind of amazed impressed. And thirty minutes after I found her website I got an email through Yoga International (who I’m subscribed to their email list), but instead of it being from “Yoga International,” it was from “Sianna Sherman.” That was my wtf moment. And that was my moment of knowing that this was my sign from the universe – that I was supposed to take this training.

And that’s how I ended up in her 300 hour program. I have much more to tell you about it, but this post would last forever, so I’ll end it there for today. I’ll continue to tell stories about it over the next several weeks, so if you want to hear more, please make sure to follow.

Also, for those of you who have been with me a long time, you might notice a few changes around here – I’m in the process of combining my Yoga for Humans site and this site together, along with my multiple facebook accounts and youtube accounts and instagram accounts. Please bear with me as we go through these changes – I’m excited to offer everything I have through one platform rather than two.

Namaste my friends! Happy week after Thanksgiving. I am grateful to YOU for reading.


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