A WILD and UNABASHED end to 2016.

Well my friends, I am happy to report that I am keeping true on my dedication to my sankalpa. As you read about here, my sankalpa is my root intention that I set while I was out in Portland to guide my every decision.

And, seeing that I’ve been shy since my youth, and have years and years of repressed femininity due to our patriarchal world culture, I have devoted my sankalpa to the unleashing of myself: “Be WILD and UNABASHED.”

White lace dress: check. Soft pink knit scarf: check. Badass headpiece: check. Wild and unabashed: CHECK. 

And be wild and unabashed I have.

I took the bold move, before I even left for Portland, to schedule a retreat to host my first ever yoga weekend.

I took the bolder move to share it with friends.

I took the bold move to wear that white lacy dress to the fancy Christmas party, where everyone else was decked out in dark blues and blacks.

I took the bolder move to add a wild headpiece and rock it with style.

I took the bold move to post my thoughts about collaboration amongst yoga teachers in Kansas City.

I took the bolder move of setting up a meeting to get a regular rotation set up and champion the event.

What does all of this mean?

It means I am terrified every moment.

But I walk into that fire anyway.

My retreat sold out within weeks – and I didn’t even hang up the fliers I printed that are lovely. My outfit for the party had people telling me I looked like a goddess – and it got my husband to agree to dance with me when it’s the last thing on his agenda. And I’m well on my way to creating continuing, local education for our KC yoga teachers community.

Being wild and unabashed doesn’t mean that you don’t feel fear. Or that you don’t feel out of place. Or that you don’t rock the boat or occasionally piss some people off.

Being wild and unabashed means you feel those things but you do it anyway.

You turn heads and cause commotion but you do it anyway.

You’re not afraid to rock the boat, question the status quo, take the path less traveled, and be a badass bitch following her deepest desires.

As we’re getting close to closing out the 2016 year, I have been looking back and seeing how it’s all building to this. I have felt this deep truth within me, since I was a child, that I was not meant for mediocrity. I was meant to be big. I was meant to change the world and take it by storm.

This year I am turning 30 and I could not be more thrilled.

This year I start to step into my power and own it.

In the past I have been cautious and tread lightly so as to not step on any toes, or shake things up, or make anyone mad at me. This is how I won prom queen, and been well liked but not loved. Admired at a distance but never known. Respected but not kindred.

And I was bored as fuck.

I invite you, dear friend, to join me in tossing aside your preference for kindness above all else. I invite you to love YOU and that fire that burns within you more than anything else. I invite you to toss caution to the wind and trust your intuitive feelings and let yourself fly.

This is what we are made for.

2017 is going to kick ass.


6 thoughts on “A WILD and UNABASHED end to 2016.

  1. You are freaking awesome! Thanks for sharing your wild self with us! P.S that headpiece is out of control!

    1. YOU are awesome! And I KNOW. It’s so ridiculous that I knew I had to wear it. ❤ Check and mate.

  2. this IS what we’re made for!! Good on you for establishing and following your sankalpa. this stuff can be really powerful, right? You’re the proof. I look forward to hearing more in 2017.

    1. So powerful. And thank you – and ditto! I love reading your life and yoga updates ❤️

  3. The headpiece (and you!) rocks!

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