Finding JOY.

On Monday I went to see my massage therapist.

Now, let me tell you, Oneita is not just a massage therapist. She’s an energy worker. She’s a goddess sister. She’s a force of dynamite energy.

Dolphin pose: the pose created just to torture humans and to let Mookie’s sneak a lick at your armpit. If you can find joy here, you win. 

Before I even got there, she had tuned into me, asked for guidance on what I needed to receive, and she checked it with my preferences and my needs, as her pendulum guided her. Yeah, she’s out there, and yeah, it’s totally rad.

So here she is, working her magic on my heart and root chakras, which are having some energy flow blockages. And she says to me, “Amy, you need to work on finding joy.”

Finding joy. Finding JOY?!

Well fuck.

Joy is not really my go to emotion. Even as I wrote to you on Monday, my super happy celebration of officially becoming a paid writer was quickly blown over by the next steps: okay, now what do I do next to keep this rolling?

There was no pausing, no celebrating, no reveling in what I’ve already accomplished.

And guys, that’s where joy lives.


It’s like this thing I’ve heard of before, called yoga. Have you heard of it? People stay connected to the present moment and shit, and that’s apparently where happiness is.

So, my plea to you today, my dear friends, is to find joy. Find joy in the present moment. Find joy in your breath. Find joy in movement, in the process of working towards your goals. Find joy in your heartache, which proves that you have loved. Find joy even in fucking dolphin pose, which I’m sure was invented just to torture good people.

I mean, if you can find joy in dolphin pose, you’re winning at life. You’ve won. Hats off to you, my friend.

So please join me, this week, in finding joy in your heart. Joy in your movement, and in your preparation of healthy foods. Joy in your puppy who ate a box of matches and is costing you a fortune in vet bills. Joy in the trim that has been newly painted three months ago but never taped off so it looks really silly. Joy my friends. JOY.

I’m Mookie and I eat matches and cost my mom hundreds of unnecessary dollars in veterinarian bills. I take great joy in it. 

Joy, my friends. Let’s get it.


1 thought on “Finding JOY.

  1. I needed to read this. Joy. Yeah. I’ll keep eyes (and heart) open for it this week. I’m in! thank you for the uplifting post x

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