Getting My Shit Together.

Last Thursday was the full moon.

And last Thursday I was agitated.

You know how when you jam pack your schedule, knowing that it will be difficult and then you’re almost through it and you just lose your cool? This was last Thursday for me.

Me last week when I wasn’t so grumpy. 
Luckily, “losing my cool” meant being really grumpy in between classes; teaching yoga has this magical ability to transform me into someone who feels calm, relaxed, and at ease, even if it’s my fifth class of the day and my 20th class of the week.

Either way, I walked away from last Thursday night knowing, without a doubt, that I need to make some changes. Quite frankly, changes are happening anyway – I’m working with some badass Kansas City babes to get a local continuing yoga education chapter started, I’m debuting my first ever online course (Love Your Body and Food Freedom 21 Day Challenge – starts in February, sign up here and be sure to check the box for it), and I have some ideas rolling around in my head that, in order to make viable, will mean making some significant changes to my work, my schedule, and my life.

I’m currently teaching for eight different companies – gyms, studios, and corporations. Last year my goal was to narrow it down to five; I wasn’t successful. This year, I think this is non-negotiable.

All of this to say, that: in order to grow, you must be willing to break ties with the past. You must be willing to let go of things that have served you, when they’re no longer elevating you beyond where you want to be.

Last week I had many conversations – some meetings, some impromptu discussions – with people that confirmed my path. When chatting randomly with Grace Duckworth, we chatted about how we’re both in this point in our careers where we’re ready to stop teaching 20 classes per week and ready to serve with greater depth.

I also had the pleasure of meeting with badass babe Hailee Bland Walsh, the creator of City Gym, last week. She graciously took an hour and a half out of her time to coach me on my visions and point out steps to get there. I left that meeting feeling more energized than ever and ready to bust ass to make it happen.

So, what is the purpose of this post, you ask? Two things to tell you:

  1. My class schedule will be shrinking – not because I don’t love you, but because I need some time and energy to focus on growing what I want to grow – my writing and expanding my reach as a teacher. My husband’s career dictates where we live, and I’m too old to get another entry level job in the fitness industry if we have to relocate.
  2. I’ll be making some website changes. You can expect more content – audio, video, blogs that help you with practical matters – and I would love your input. Please tell me: what would YOU like to see? Recipes? Yoga for tight hamstrings? How to be a badass human? As much as I love dumping my personal feelings here each week (and I’ll likely continue to do that, too, because… honesty), I want this to be a place that is more helpful than knowing how angry I was on the full moon last Thursday.

One of the most helpful things Hailee told me was to find three words that epitomize what I want to offer. Last week, I asked you on facebook what three words you would say to describe my classes. Many of you gave thoughtful, sweet answers for which I am eternally grateful. I’ve been thinking about what you’ve said and what I want to offer, and here’s my rough draft:

Approachable – I believe that yoga shouldn’t be pretentious, and that yoga teachers should be accessible and not on a pedestal. I make all of my classes approachable, welcoming, and like you feel like not only did you get a great yoga experience – but that you also feel comfortable talking to me, asking questions, and coming with spit up on your clothes. No judgments.

Empowering – I believe you’re a badass. You’re probably already running an awesome company, or running the household, or both – it’s clear you have your shit together and I’m not here to tell you anything you don’t already know. I’m just here to help you remember that you know what’s best for you. Get it!

Genuine – I believe that transformation comes from getting into the nitty gritty, not burying it all in love, peace, and light. I believe transformation happens most when you want to yell “FUCK YOU” – and by all means, maybe you should.

Sacred – I believe you are sacred. Yep, you. I believe we all have this little spark of divinity and creation in us and that we are all divine – even when we’re angry. I believe creativity is a gift from the creator and that inspiration comes from a mystical, spiritual plane – and that all feelings and emotions are welcome there.


Anyway, if you found yourself in my position last week: remember, everything passes. Every moment of anger is an opportunity to re-evaluate your schedule, your decisions, and to craft your life in exactly the way you want it.

I believe in you.

Let’s get it.


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