My First Coaching Session Like Whoa.

Yesterday I had a phone coaching session with the beautiful Beryl Herrin. Beryl is the woman in charge for all of Sianna Sherman’s yoga teacher trainings, who is my teacher for my 300 hour training I’m in currently, and she’s a mastermind and a yoga goddess.

Imagine someone that looks like this. But ten times more beautiful. And with beautiful mala beads and a white scarf like a veil covering her head. With perfect posture and an angelic demeanor. Now you’ve envisioned Beryl. 

Amongst her expertise as a yoga teacher, spiritual master, and life coach extraordinaire, Beryl is hands down one of the most beautiful creatures to walk this earth. The first time I met her was in November of 2016. I wasn’t quite sure she was real. With an outfit of all white and a head scarf made of lace, she looked part bride, part angel, part Kundalini yoga master. It was like she had come to us from another planet, and I was at once entranced by her beauty and deeply intimidated by it.

Intimidated, of course, due to my own insecurities and my $20 TJ Maxx yoga pants, because Beryl is quite frankly one of the most welcoming people I’ve ever met. When I applied for Sianna’s teacher training program, Beryl was the first to respond to my application, and it was within twenty minutes of having submitted it at 10:00 pm on a weekday night. She was responsive to all of my emails, answered all of my questions, and helped me feel better knowing I wouldn’t be alone or unanswered if I needed help.

Beryl offered all of us teacher trainees the generous service of a coaching session to discuss anything that we might want to discuss. If you’ve never been through a teacher training, it can bring out some pretty deep past wounds, and so the offer for her to help coach us through whatever came up was incredibly sweet. I didn’t know what to expect, but I signed up for a session.

So yesterday, at exactly our scheduled time at 1:00 pm, my phone rang. I immediately appreciated her promptness, because, having worked in this metaphysical world for a while now, I’ve come to understand that not everyone who lives and works in the spiritual realm also has the ability to stick to real life schedules. Beryl, as it turns out, is not one of those people.

In fact, for nearly an hour, Beryl talked to me about whatever I wanted to talk about. First, I talked about how I didn’t know what I wanted to talk about, and then I admitted to some hesitation and need for clarity on action steps for my future plans.

Beryl helped me to visualize this future, and then she talked me through practical steps to get from A to B. She gave me mantras to work with and coached me through practical uses of my time.

The thing I appreciated most about Beryl was her practicality. Beryl didn’t tell me that all I needed to do was think and act positively and success would come raining down on me if only I believed and chanted enough; she reminded me that I still needed to do the work. And that, if necessary, I might have to get a full time job in order to make ends meet.

I really appreciated that coming from an angel-Kundalini-yoga goddess.

So, thanks to Beryl, I have a better vision of what’s to come, and I’m slowly making steps from A to B.

Have you ever had a coaching session? Do you visualize your future, and see the obstacles ahead of you?

I’ll tell you more at another time – I particularly liked how she discussed treating that voice in your head that says, “Hey, you’re a loser and you’ll never be successful.” (Hint: Beryl treats hers like a toddler, cradles it and feeds it milk and cookies until its temper tantrum goes away.)

Until then, I’ve been working my ass off getting this Love your Body and Food Freedom 21 Day Challenge up and ready to go. It kicks off TOMORROW, it’s totally free and you can get it right in your inbox – if you haven’t signed up already, click here and make sure you check the box for the program.

Happy Tuesday my dear friends!


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