An Elemental Morning Ritual

After I got home from my training in Portland, my husband explained to me, “I like you more.” I know what he meant. Since leaving that training (even more so than the first time), I have felt more grounded, more connected, and less concerned about the opinions of other people. Quite frankly, I’m off social media more, I’m telling other people about my life less, and sinking into this place of quiet contentment.

Surrounded by Mama Earth.

It feels so different that I’ve been considering changing the spelling of my name to “Amie” instead of “Amy.” (Long story short: I was named after the Pure Prairie League song, “Amie.” My mother decided after having a son named “Scot,” she would no longer have any other children whose names were difficult to spell, and so she made my name “Amy” instead. My dad only realized this several months after I was born.) In truth, I know changing the spelling of my name doesn’t change anything – but it also changes everything.

I told you in this post about how I’ve developed a regular morning ritual. Part of this new morning ritual is calling in all the directions and the elements, and asking to embody and remember parts of them in the day that follows.

What are the elements and the directions? Here’s something I might say aloud in my morning ritual:

(Facing east): Om and salutations to the East, to the power of the air and the wind. May I remember this day to be agile, to change directions quickly as it is required, and to embrace all of the unseen energies around us.

(Facing south): Om and salutations to the South, to the power of fire. May I remember your light, heat, and transformation this day and carry it with me, inspiring me to burn brightly and with passion.

(Facing west): Om and salutations to the West, to the element of water. May I remember this day to go with the current, to flow easily, and to make myself form to whatever container holds me.

(Facing north): Om and salutations to the North, to the element of earth. May I keep with me this day your grounding energy, your nurturing and support, and may I offer that same connection to all those whom I come into contact with today.

(Facing center): Om and salutations to the Ether, to the space that is all around us, that is within all things. May I remember that this space exists today, that even those things that are tightly bound still have the space for movement and freedom.

This little morning ritual has kept me grounded, content, and adaptable to all situations. Although I am more tightly committed to this practice, I feel more free, more focused, and more happy in my day to day life.

If this speaks to you – try it out! See what happens. And share with me!

Happy mid-May ❤


3 thoughts on “An Elemental Morning Ritual

  1. oh I love your morning ritual words. So creative and inspiring.

  2. Marta Chasteen May 15, 2017 — 2:22 pm

    I love this. My dear friend, Michelle, is a Shaman healer out in Santa Cruz. She uses similar words and clears with sage before she does her work. It’s a wonderful ritual. Thanks for sharing. Can you believe one of power animals is the snake.



    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Amazing!! If she’s ever in Kansas City let me know. 😍

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