Directive 1: Write Yourself a Damn Love Letter

Welcome to our Wild and Unabashed journey.

I’m your host, Amie, and it’s about to get real.

Your first directive, should you choose to accept it, is to write yourself a damn love letter.

Not a letter that’s in your head. Not a letter that says “Hey baby nice ass.” Not a letter that praises all of your sweetness and all of the ways you defer your own needs for someone else’s.

No, a real damn love letter.

Find your best pen. Get a fancy ass piece of paper. Light a candle – fuck, pour a glass of wine. Maybe take a bath with some bubbles. Luxuriate, baby, because you deserve it. Lather your body with oils. Not for anyone else, dammit, but for you. Put some thing on that you like. Write by soft candlelight if you want.

Then write your letter. Tell yourself all the ways that you love being YOU. Yes you. Yes, you who is faulted and in all of your magnificent ways you’ve fucked up. It’s okay. We’ve all done it. Time to pull it all in.

Be your own mother, for a change. Rock yourself gently. Remember that all the love you give is real, and all the hurt you gave came from a place of pain, not from a place of malintent.

Baby, you are loved. Remind yourself. Put it in a letter. Refer to that letter when you get all crotchety on yourself.

You deserve to be, just as you are.

Share your letter with me here and on social media. Use #bewildandunabashed. Check my instagram (@amie_rader) to see my love letter soon.

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4 thoughts on “Directive 1: Write Yourself a Damn Love Letter

  1. I love this project and I love that you used the word crotchety. ❤

    1. Hurrah! Join in Kristin!! Show me your love letter!!

  2. Dear Me,
    Like she said, “wild and unabashed.” Go ahead and let that resonate. Damn girl. You’re so open to inspiration and beauty! How awesome is is that on the shittiest of days you see OPPORTUNITY!?! Don’t worry about the space you take up. I know you don’t think you fit in yoga pants right now but it’s really ok. You know it’s emotional baggage and you’re going to be fine. Let that shit go and your life will flow and those pants will fit. I love how you love. You know that emotional block? You’re actually done with that. You’re so used to working on it that you’ve not noticed the accomplishment! Just like your throat chakra, boom! Don’t forget about that! So seriously, don’t take everything so seriously. Keep your eyes and heart open for the beauty, inspiration, love opportunities like you always do. Get out of your own way. And then boom. Snap. Like a neon trapper keeper, this shit is going to click. You’ve done some serious emotional work, now you just need to move your bod! There’s nothing wrong with you, you just had to survive for a minute. You did it. Don’t forget that helping you is helping others. Quit telling yourself that “you’re almost you.” You ARE you. Peace and great adventures girl. – Myself

    1. YES! “Like a neon trapper keeper” – GET IT GIRL! This is so so beautiful. I have the chills. ❤

      Thank you for sharing. Let's get all wild and unabashed together!

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