directive 2: own your shit.

Here’s the good stuff.

Being wild and unabashed isn’t just about wearing fairy wings and running about and having a voice and being free. It’s not just about joy and presence and creativity and spontaneity and happiness.

It is about those things, of course, but it’s also about so much more.

Being wild and unabashed is to truly – TRULY – release all blame, shame, and guilt surrounding the glory that is YOU.

Each of us is a little tiny, beautiful, divine spark of light. And everything – I mean everything – that produces light casts a shadow. The sun casts shadows all around – but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t burn any less brightly.

We have a shadow side to ourselves, too. This is that space where we like to turn our heads, pretend it doesn’t exist, and look the other way. This is where we think that positive thinking can outdo all evil, that focusing on only positive thoughts can outweigh our negative actions, etc.

In the yoga and spiritual communities, this is called spiritual bypassing.

Being wild and unabashed is NOT about spiritual bypassing. It’s about getting dirty and real and raw with your shadow. It’s not trying to eliminate the shadow, either – it’s learning how to dance with it. How to take up all your little divine sparks and all your discarded shadowy parts and learning how to live with both of those things.

It’s inviting in the darkness – not to move it into light – but for it to be a place where you can rest, too.

For us, that means taking a good long hard look at ourselves. Where are we projecting our flaws out onto the other? Where do we place blame outside of us, when really we may find the fault from within?

(Side note: let’s get real, here, too. This is not about accepting 100% responsibility and pretending like you can control everything by being perfect. Tried it. Not possible.)

So we don’t take ON the blame, or shame, or guilt, but we recognize our part in it.

Your directive: for the next day, or week, start to notice when you get upset. These are little tiny hints that our shadow is lurking there. Instead of reacting to that upset, inquire about it… Hmmm, that’s interesting – why would that upset me? It’s here we find the good juice.

(Need an example? I get really triggered when I hear people complaining and acting as the “victim” of circumstances. This is a part of me I have discarded – the part of me that is a victim. She’s still in there, hiding – I just don’t let her come out often. This is just a message that I need to love up my Victim Self because she’s been abandoned for quite some time.)

So – go own your shit. Tell me about it, too. Use #bewildandunabashed to share your stories with me.



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