implementation: own your shit.

to be honest, i really don’t want to write this post.

i mean, who would? if owning your shit was easy, we would all be running around like self-actualized beings. that’s clearly not our issue.

i should be grateful, in a way, because if we didn’t have so much shit, we wouldn’t need so much yoga, and then i might be out of a job.

okay okay, back to it. i will own my shit, but with a caveat.

that caveat is this: that nothing is inherently good or bad. we do not have “good” traits or “bad” traits – we have characteristics that can be really great in some contexts, and really not-so-great in others. ultimately, it is what we choose to do with these characteristics – and how we choose to act – that make us a person of integrity – or not.

so let’s be clear. owning your shit is about knowing where you can easily fall prey to unsavory behavior, and being awake and conscious of it so we intentionally do not do greater harm.


here’s my list – the character trait, the light, and that damn pesky shadow. i’m watching you.

  • i am interested in everything, wildly curious, and dabble in everything. 
    • light – i am well rounded, interested, never bored, and never boring (to those who are stimulated intellectually)
    • shadow – i can be flighty and inconsistent; i can be unpleasantly spontaneous; my interest in many things is shallow
  • i am a control freak, self-reliant, introspective, and constantly analyzing.
    • light – i am a freaking badass; i get shit done, my finances are in order, and i am always trying to see where i can be better
    • shadow – i can be overly controlling, think that my way is the “right” way, and i am so good at taking responsibility that others don’t get the opportunity
  • i am passionate, firey, and feel things very deeply.
    • light: i have a lot of energy to get things done; my passion moves me when intellect and reason does not; this little fire of mine lights up those around me
    • shadow: i have a temper, get emotionally overloaded, and can react on impulse rather than with mindful intent if not careful
  • i am idealistic, have big dreams, and i see potential and believe the best.
    • light: i am rarely down; i see potential where most people see breadcrumbs; i am always creatively seeking solutions because i believe there’s one out there
    • shadow: i waste a lot of time, putting energy, dedication, and commitment in projects and in people who don’t care to shine or share my vision
  • i love attention, i love being admired, and i bask in praise.
    • light: i am a damn good yoga teacher; i am good at public speaking; i don’t mind being vulnerable with the world
    • shadow: i can often seek validation outside myself; i forget my worth if it’s not being told to me; i wonder if i’m worth anything if praise dwindles
  • i care about others, and i wish for everyone’s happiness and success
    • light: i am kind and genuine; i am friendly and accepting, and i try to be conscious of others’ desires and adapt when i can
    • shadow: i can be overly attached to others’ opinions of me, and i can bypass my own boundaries and then resent it later (i’m getting much better at this one)
  • self growth is a priority for me, and i am continually trying to evolve 
    • light: i grow a lot, regularly; my commitment to being a better person is admirable; i’m constantly taking responsibility and changing to adapt
    • dark: i can be overly wrapped up in my own world; i sometimes take things too seriously; i could be more giving

okay, i think that’s enough. there’s probably more, but that’s a pretty good list.

now – your turn to own your shit. tell me about it. write me a comment, or make your own post on wordpress or instagram and use the hashtag #bewildandunabashed so we can own our shit – and like it – together.

let’s do the thing.


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