implementation: find your tribe

my tribe is small

it consists of three beautiful people

holly, kate, scot

and sometimes my friend megan too

these are people who know me

like the back of their hand

who get my faults

who know my obsessions

who get my idiosyncrasies

who might occasionally be annoyed by me

but who love me anyway

they don’t ask me to change

they don’t ask me to cross my boundaries

they know that being in debt

holding things in

refusing to communicate

bad bad food

not exercising

not having enough alone time

not feeling creatively free

and feeling like my voice is stifled

will kill my spirit

so they never ask these things of me.

they let me be me:

wild hair

control freak


indecision queen


lover of puppies

responsible and disciplined

but airy and spontaneously creative.

i am a true walking contradiction

and my tribe loves me for me

and occasionally eye rolls when i tell them

that my newest life pursuit

will be becoming an astronaut.

it is what they love about me

and what they hate about me

and what they would never change about me

and so they are my tribe.

thank you, holly, kate, scot, megan,

for being mine.


{i am now cultivating a larger tribe

inviting in more voices

in two places:

in a

Women Who Run with the Wolves year long book study


in my private Facebook group

be wild and unabashed tribe

if you need some online wild and unabashed tribal fun

please join us there.}


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