implementation: stop your damn apologizing

I jumped in a lake today.

Well, by jumped in, I mean – I walked slowly, through a slimey, grimey, nasty and rocky lake bottom through visible dirt in an unsanctioned swimming section.

My Priestess friend Jamie wanted to meet up and swim in a lake. But when we got there, the only beach and swimming section of the lake was closed off for a private party – but we really really wanted to swim in a lake.

Other lakes were too far away.

And here was this lake, with so much water to swim in and only a certain part sanctioned for it. It just seemed silly, to drive all the way to another lake just to swim. And, it seemed silly that, for as big as this lake was, there would be only one tiny swimming section that we weren’t allowed to experience.

As someone who is dedicated and officially “wild and unabashed” and very committed to it for the next year, at least, the only option, of course, was to hop in anyway.

So we did.

Later, as we sat and chatted lakeside about Priestesses and husbands and ex-husbands and being a financially savvy female entrepreneur, I took off my swim top from underneath my shirt because no one likes sitting in wet clothes.

People may have been able to see my nipples through my very opaque shirt.

And I’m not sorry about any of it.

The biggest and wildest and most unabashed pursuit of this all? I left my phone in my car, so I have no photos – only memories – of this day of freedom.

Take away my swimming and I will find it anyway. Force me to be clothed and I will neglect your undergarments.

It is a wild and unabashed day, indeed, with no apologies around. What have you not apologized for recently?


2 thoughts on “implementation: stop your damn apologizing

  1. I put my two weeks in at my day job because it started to negatively impact my emotional health. My company is in a tough spot so I know it sucks that I’m leaving but it’s best for me so I skipped the apology!

    1. Yes! Good for you, Megan! Your emotional health is so worth it. 👊💞

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