Directive 5: Do something frivolous.

Today’s directive comes inspired to you by my friend, Amy.

Amy came to my fitness class yesterday at 8 am wearing bright red lipstick. It was beautiful. It was adorable. It was totally nonsensical.

No one needs to wear lipstick to a fitness class. No one needs their makeup done to sweat and workout. But, throughout class, I kept looking at her face and how the color made her light up. How it illuminated her smile and made her seem a little brighter, a little cheerier.

Honestly, her wearing that lipstick that made no sense totally made my morning.

It got me thinking – why are we so focused on function anyway? Function has the word FUN right in it. What I learned from a recent styling appointment (another frivolous but SO FUN pursuit – do yourself a favor and book an appointment at Ladybird Styling), is that for my personality type and style, FUN is the most important thing.

It doesn’t matter if it makes sense.

It matters if it feels good.

So your directive today, this week, this year – do something frivolous. Just for complete fun. It doesn’t have to make sense. Other people might make fun of you, not understand your choices, or judge your bright red 8 am lipstick for your strength class.

But who the f cares?

As Sheryl Crow says – “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.” It can be darn FUN.

Now go get frivolous, and let me know about it. #bewildandunabashed


1 thought on “Directive 5: Do something frivolous.

  1. I will. Will try to make a habit of it!
    Mike Wimpy

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